Do you travel for weddings?
Most certainly! In fact, we leap at the chance to visit places we’ve never seen. If it’s more than a 2 hour drive then we may request accommodation & fuel/flight/train/bus expenses.

We would love to book you. Now what?
Awesome. First things first, we require a non refundable £500 booking fee in order to secure your date, this is deducted from your final balance. You'll need to select the package that suits you. Then down to the boring document reading & signing. For this all we need is both your full names & your current address & a confirmation of your package choice. The contract is in place to protect everyone, not just us! After that the final balance is due on the first of the month that is prior to the wedding date.

Do you have insurance?
We have full liability and indemnity.

What type of photography options can we add our video on to?
You can add video to any of our packages. For short coverage we suggest the little larry sellers. For full day weddings you can add all 3 if you wish. 

Who edits the films?
Betty does all of the editing in house. It’s a meticulous process but this way we have full control and can match up the style of the video to the photography seamlessly.

Can we pick the music?
Picking the soundtrack is a massive part of what we do & it ultimately shapes the entire flow & feel of the film. We have never had anyone dislike any of our choices & most of the time the song the becomes the couple's new favourite jam, because it's theirs, it's been picked for them & it suits their day perfectly. We also license all of our tracks from several different music sites. If you see a wedding video with a tune from something like the current top 100 then there's a 99% chance it's being used without a license (which is mega illegal) and is something we would never do. 

Should we meet up before the big day?
Most definitely, we want to create a relationship with you in the lead up to your wedding. We want you to be able to trust us fully on the day and not worry about me capturing those special moments. We may be spending up to 8 hours with each other on the biggest day of your lives, we want you to be comfortable with us. See the engagement shoot section!

What actress would you pick to play you in a Betty Rodden biopic?
Obviously it’s dependant on the age range but for an older version of myself, that I’m yet experience, it would 100% be Goldie Hawn. She’s the bomb. If Kate Hudson wanted to do the younger scenes, I might have to reconsider the whole bloody thing.

What actor would you pick to play you in a David Rodden biopic?
Bradley Cooper. Because we look like each other.

“We already have a photographer, would you consider doing just our wedding film?”
Tub of Jelly is proud to announce it's new baby - Bat Country. So if you have a photographer booked already (or don't even require one WHHAAAT?) then you can finally get the tub of jelly styled films as a stand alone service! Make sure you enquire via the Bat Country website!