We have been together since ’07 & have been pestering each other ever since. We got married in 2013. We had the best honeymoon in >Tokyo<. We like to binge on movies & tv. We particularly enjoy the big lebowski, blade runner, mrs doubtfire, game of thrones, the sopranos and many MANY more. One of us LOVES final fantasy. While the other is a monster sniper. One of us LOVES glitter. One of us does not. Sometimes we like to dance in the house. Or wrestle. We play with our mr cat Oscar whenever he demands it. Which isn’t actually that often, he’s rather lazy. Or he wants to play at 4am when the hoomans are resting. We love trees, clouds, and landscapes but we also love urban locations with bright lights & alleyways. We feel like the wedding video world can be quite serious, a little bit pretentious and very overwhelming. We are none of those things. It should be fun & easy breezy. Right?


Betty + David

when we aren't working on our weddings, here's what we enjoy.